About Us.

After it was noted how I had the innate ability to turn any topic of conversation into one about food, chefs or the latest award winning restaurant, the idea of a (mostly) all-things-food blog was conceived.

Accompanied for the most part by my girlfriend, this blog will document our dining experiences, act as a guide to restaurants and pubs up and down the country from the everyday eatery, through hotel and country house restaurants and cute country inns to establishments, befitting of the most special of occasions. Finally, it will act as a source of foodie information, from articles and recipes to the latest restaurant awards and everything in-between.

Wine and other alcoholic beverages play a huge part in the dining experience. Having successfully passed the Wine and Spirits Education Trusts’ (WSET) Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Wines and Spirits, I have plans to further my knowledge with the Level 3 qualification. It’s because of this that I feel able to talk with confidence about my choice of wines or a wine list when eating out.

I hope you enjoy reading about my foodie adventures and articles as much as I enjoy writing (and eating) them.


5 thoughts on “About Us.

      1. Although I am quite young, but still I’d like to know in India what are the things I’d like to keep in mind before opening a restaurant?


      2. To be honest I’m not the best person to answer that. All I would say is from our experience eating in restaurants the amount we have, the one thing for me would be, keep it simple. Cook simple food really well and you’ll be onto a winner!


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