Byron, Salisbury.

I hate January. It’s such a depressing month. It’s just full of everything I hate; work, people talking about how this year is going to be their year, work, having to go easy on how much I go out to eat because “you spent a lot of money eating out over November and December”, work and nothing I want being in the January sales. Only this year, there was. For the whole of the month, if you were a member of the Byron Club you could get 50% off any burger on the menu. Now THIS is my kind of January sale.

Not being one to pass up any kind of bargain I jumped in the car and made the short journey to Salisbury. I like Byron, it’s my favourite of the more restaurant style burger chains that include the likes of Handmade and GBK. It’s a solid no.3 on my best burgers list behind Bleecker on the top spot and ShakeShack in Madison Park, NYC.


I ordered the Smoky. Its rich, mouth filling umami notes and a mild heat from its smoked chilli BBQ sauce is pure joy. Take a 6oz medium cooked patty, add crispy onions and iceberg lettuce for crunch, mature cheddar, streaky bacon, pickles to cut through it all and stick it all in the squishiest of buns and if you ask me, you’re onto a winner.


My other half ordered a more traditional burger in the Byron. Another one of those well cooked patties was loaded up with more of the crisp iceberg lettuce, mature cheddar, slices of red onion and tomato all covered in the rich and every so slightly creamy Byron sauce. To be brutally honest I found the slice of pickle that accompanied each burger on the side of the plate a bit strange. If the burger requires some acidity then stick the pickles inside rather than just dumped on the side.


No burger would be complete without fries and so fries we had. Lightly fried slices of potato were sprinkled with crispy bits of fried bacon giving a meaty crunch before a smothering of melted cheese to top it all off. Despite the burger itself for me personally not being as good as others, the fries were definitely as good if not better than those I’ve tasted in recent times.


Even at full price you would get change from £30 for two including sides and drinks. As much as I hate using the phrase, 50% off any burger made it not only criminally good value for money but it also went some way to relieving my January blues.


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