Pi, Winchester.

In a world dominated by Dominoes, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, good quality pizza is hard to come by. Don’t get me wrong, get the lads over for a few beers on a Tuesday and there’s only ever going to be one thing on the menu. If however, you want pizza with a bit more style and dare I say sophistication, choices are few and far between. Thankfully though I have located one such place.

Pi, an artisan Pizzeria is located a few minutes walk away from the centre of our ex-capital city. It’s a cosy little place, the windows quickly condensated as we stepped in from the brisk outside with tables parked within arms reach of each other all adding to the cosy atmosphere. To order there are 3 decisions to be made: numero uno is whether to go for the 12.5” pizza for 1 or the 20” pizza for 2. The next question to be answered is how you would like your pizza to be divided; whole, halves or thirds. The reason for this question is simple; the toppings. As you may have worked out, it is possible to have up to 3 of the 10 different toppings available on the same pizza. Wanting to try as much as we could we naturally went for this option.

The first of the three toppings was the easiest decision I’ve made so far this year. Lebanese spiced ground lamb, Turkish yoghurt and fresh parsley. This third carried a pleasurable warmth coming from the lamb, with the yoghurt doing its bit to keep the spice level under control.

Our second choice, garlic, chilli, balsamic roasted aubergines and aged Parmesan would also prove to be a wise decision. The flavours pulled together to produce a mouth watering experience with large slices of aubergine on top. Personally, the chilli could have done with being a bit more pronounced, there being a noticeable lack of spice over the slices, a component which would have elevated them even further still.

The final choice wasn’t as good as we had hoped . With us both being lovers of cauliflower cheese, we thought this would be a great choice. The strong flavours of cheese just weren’t present and we were left a little disappointed.

Pizza is only as good as the base on which it sits though, and I have to say, they have it sorted here. Light, wafer thin and crisp, this is easily the best made and well cooked pizza base for some distance.

The discussion that followed started off pretty easily. We were unanimous in deciding that the cauliflower cheese topping was our least favourite of the three and that’s as far as we got before it broke down. My partner, with her recently acquired taste didn’t hesitate to tell me that the Lebanese spiced lamb was the second best of the evening, the aubergine, chilli and garlic toppings coming out on top.

This blog however is, for the most part my gig so let me tell you that the lamb, with its fiery notes was actually the deserved winner, the aubergine therefore being the runner up.

We were a little surprised when we were presented with the bill. A service charge of 10% was added which to us seemed a bit extreme, not matter how good the pizza may have been. The total, coming in at £36 including two soft drinks was perhaps a touch on the pricey side, but for those with the money to spend and a love for decent pizza, Pi is definitely worthy of a visit.


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