Bleecker, London.

I love London, but spending four days in the capital on a course and on my own wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. There was however, quite a good upside in the form of a rather good burger. A visit to Bleecker was a suggestion from Birmingham based Simon Carlo, the author of the award winning MeatandOneVeg blog off the back of a tweet from yours truly. He did a good job, did Simon, so well in fact that I made a return visit before my short stay came to an end.

This venue in particular, a small black and white outlet, is situated next to Victoria station and opposite a UK branch of American chain ShakeShack. The Shack’s kiosk in Madison Park, New York, delivered Abigail the best burger she has ever eaten, but now comes second in my own personal burger rankings.

There’s nothing fancy about the burgers served here at Bleecker and that’s exactly what I love. Who needs over complicated and fussy burgers when you can come here and get the simplest of burgers cooked to perfection? For my first visit, I went for the staple bacon cheeseburger. Even now I’m not entirely sure what to make of the paper plates they’re served on, but what I am sure about was the bun holding it all together. I’m not a fan of seeded buns in general but there is always an exception to the rule. A lightly toasted top was met with the softest of bottoms in a wonderful contrast of textures. The patty itself was evenly pink throughout and all the things you could want from a perfectly cooked slab of meat, accompanied by the absolute fundamentals of a basic burger in the form of cheese, onion and bacon. This ladies and gents is a perfect example of what can happen when you master the basics and keep it simple.


I wasn’t sold on the mixed fries I ordered alongside, the fried slices of sweet potato not doing a lot for me, with the regular fries proving to have been the better choice on my return visit.

The ‘Blue Burger’ would be the burger to seal the deal. The same perfectly cooked patty, transported in the same lightly toasted bun, only this time a smattering of blue cheese sauce bringing a hit of umami to the palate and the first smile to my face for over 48hours.

The guys and girls here know how to make a good burger, understanding that mastering the basics and keeping it simple can result in beautiful things. When it comes to burgers, you won’t find a better example, than right here at Bleecker.


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