ASK Italian via Deliveroo

Having spent the day helping the better half pack up her university life for the third and final time, day became night which meant it was time for dinner. As everything had been packed away cooking wasn’t a viable option and due to my somewhat idle character, nor was getting out of bed. As a result, I did what I often do in these situations, grabbed my phone and turned to Deliveroo for help. Unfortunately, for all its charm, Winchester isn’t exactly loaded with options when it comes to food delivery. Italian however is something that Winchester does do, so after a skim through the options we eventually decided on ASK Italian. As Italian chain restaurants go, ASK isn’t bad. That’s not to say it’s the pinnacle of Italian cooking but there are definitely worse options.

Before I go any further I’d like to say that what is to come is in no way a reflection on Deliveroo. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them every time I’ve been too lazy to get off my arse.

Last night’s dinner was the biggest waste of £35 I’ve experienced in a long time. Less than 40minutes from our order being accepted to it arriving at the door isn’t bad going at all. Unfortunately, that’s as good as it gets.

A Garlic Pizza bread was dry and cardboard like in both taste and feel with what I consider the key ingredient not making itself known.


A second starter of chunky Potato Croquettes filled with Mozerella, Broad Beans and Peas was better. The crispy outer giving way to a freshness delivered by the beans and peas all brought together with the merest hints of spice, coming from the spicy Tomato salsa.


Things weren’t really going well and then as I opened the boxes containing the Fettuccine Bolognese and Risotto Con Pollo E Funghi, my fears that had developed when I took delivery of dinner were realised.


I appreciate there are challenges involved when it comes to packaging food for delivery but this is not the answer. A plastic container like those you get from any Indian takeaway would have been a far better option than what we received. It just makes the food look unappealing and makes me question just how much thought has gone into the packaging.

A Bolognese that supposedly featured a ‘hearty Beef and Pork Ragu’ served with Fettuccine Pasta left me wondering if the Deliveroo rider had got peckish on the way over. What there was of the Ragu lacked any noticeable traits of any Bolognese I’ve ever had, even the pasta was overcooked and only a few seconds away from disaster.

The Risotto wasn’t much better. Rice that wasn’t quite as badly cooked as the Pasta in the previous dish completely lacked seasoning accompanied by overcooked chicken and an array of Mushrooms that actually allowed the Risotto to come out just on top of the Bolognese.

So, there we go. As meals go, it’s one I’d like to erase from memory. I’m not saying I won’t visit ASK ever again – I’ve had some okay-good meals there. In future though, I’ll just use this experience as motivation to haul myself from my pit, get dressed and spend a little more time in their restaurant waiting for my food with a glass of red, it’ll be worth it.



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