7Bone, Portswood.

Originally, this post was intended to be about the newly opened Newbury location of southern burger company, 7Bone. However, after making the 20 minute journey, we were met by this:


We thought we’d give them a chance to resolve the issue and wandered around for an hour in the hope that when we came back, the issue may at least be a little closer to being fixed. A shame, as this was not to be and with a little disappointment seeing as this was only their third day of opening, we decided to leave.

We didn’t however, give up on 7Bone, travelling instead to their Portswood address on the outskirts of Southampton. I can tell you right now, it was worth the extra miles.


Open ‘til late every day of the week and even later at weekends, this is the kind of place I’d love to end up after a Friday night session at the pub.

The guys at 7Bone don’t take themselves too seriously, a point that can be seen in the use of comical names for their burgers. Ronald’s Revenge seemed like an obvious choice, their version of a classic cheeseburger. My partner deciding on the 6oz option rather than the heavier 12oz alternative. A soft white burger bun, sourced from a local bakery held a glorious shine, housing 2 x 3oz smashed beef patties, double cheese, minced white onion, ketchup, mustard and pickles. ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better burger, this is everything a burger should be’. A direct quote from my partner as she dived in.

IMG_0788 (Edited)

Prince Charles is Overrated was my choice. An aged beef patty, bacon, cheese, shredded iceberg, pickles and dirty spread, their house sauce. Once again, the bun doing a great job of keeping everything together as I chomped away. The crisp iceberg lettuce and the kick of acidity from the pickles cut through the cheese and sauce giving my palate the required refresher after every delicious mouthful. In the burger world, the latest trend is having the option to have your burger cooked to different levels of ‘doneness’. Requesting pink instead of well-done, the burger, although not served as pink as I’d hoped for, was an absolute joy to devour.


A side of dirty fries consisted of a red basket containing fries covered in dirty spread, lettuce and smoked bacon. For me, the bacon could have done with being crispier, but other than that they went down a treat. The addition of the dirty spread was a welcome change to the standard fries usually served in burger joints across the country.

IMG_0787 (Edited)

When it comes to burger restaurants, they are in a league of their own. There’s nothing fancy about what they do here, they just serve simple, well made burgers, really, really well. With a beer, coke, two burgers and a side of dirty fries coming in at just under £26, the likes of GBK and Handmade had better watch out.


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