Gandhi Indian Restaurant via Deliveroo

After a hard few days at work, there’s nothing I like more than sitting down for a curry, washed down with a pint of Cobra. This week had been especially hard so I thought rather than going to get dinner, I’d let dinner come to me with the help from the guys at Deliveroo. This was the first time I had used Deliveroo and as such wasn’t sure what to expect, but thought I’d give them a chance to prove themselves. I have to say, they didn’t do half bad.

Having downloaded the app, and scrolled through the menu, I placed our order and the waiting game started. There was less than 45 minutes between hitting the ‘Go’ button and opening the door to the rider on his knees in front of me rustling around for our order. Not a bad start I thought to myself as we were handed the bag containing our much needed dinner.

My main concern was the fact that it had to be transported from the other side of the city on a man’s back on an evening that coincided with the arrival of Storm Doris. I don’t know what sorcery they used to accomplish this, but somehow my concern never materialised as dinner was still piping hot even after I’d finished taking photos several minutes after the rider had left.

 No matter what form your Indian dinner takes, it can never be complete without at least one Naan bread. Not wanting to order more than we needed, we decided one would probably be enough. Unfortunately this was a mistake. This particular version flavoured with garlic, softened with a smattering of ghee, quickly vanished before we’d really got started. Note to self: Next time, order ten.

My main consisted of a Duck Rossa. The word in the description that swung my decision on this over my usual Biriyani was ‘tender’. I’ve had duck at Indian restaurants in varying forms on many previous occasions but until this point I’d never been particularly wowed. The accompanying sauce was one of supposedly medium heat. I’m a medium kind of guy. whisky and wine? Medium bodied. My steak? Medium-rare. My heat? Medium. This however, was unlike any ‘medium’ dish I’ve had before. The sauce itself once you’d got over the ass-kicking delivered by the heat was just as advertised. An array of earthy spices throughout, with the slightest hint of cinnamon developing towards the end. It was just what the doctor ordered after a long days’ work.

 My partners main of a Tandoori Mixed Grill consisted of an assortment of meat cooked using distinct methods. The Shish Kebab was accurately seasoned and melt in the mouth. A piece of Chicken coming from the Tandoor followed and all was going well until my partner hit the Chicken Tikka part of the dish. The unexpected heat caught my partner off guard, leaving me to clear up what was left. 

The last dish of the meal was a vegetarian side of Tarka Dhall. A lentil based dish, this particular example having warming notes of garlic and the king of  herbs (and my personal favourite) coriander. Aesthetically pleasing it wasn’t, but tasteful it certainly was. The sloppy texture of the mushy red lentils was a touch off putting to start with before giving way to its slightly sweet flavour, the garlic adding it’s previously noted warmth and the coriander adding its own wonderfully fresh element to this excellent example of the traditional Indian side dish.

For those times when you cannot be bothered to cook, it’s a Friday evening, or you’ve got friends over, ordering from Gandhi is a smart move, I’d just suggest having a glass of milk close by.


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