La Brasserie Steakhouse and Pizzeria, Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

I’ll admit right here and now that I’ve never been a fan of eating out abroad. Most of the food I’ve had when I’ve been away hasn’t been bad, but the methods used to generate custom have always annoyed me. Firstly you often see a menu board, covered with poorly taken photographs of poorly presented food, often followed up by getting harassed by an employee of said restaurant giving you 115,000 reasons as to why you should eat in this restaurant and why it is the best place to eat in town, the second you even so much as glance in the direction of the restaurant.

La Brasserie in Costa Adeje on the Canarian island of Tenerife is not one such restaurant. It started off very well. Instead of being greeted by the usual menu board and the overly enthusiastic employee, we were in fact greeted by this:


This alone was enough to catch my attention as we strolled along the sea front in the evening sun. A vast array of cuts hung before my very eyes that included Rib-Eye, Sirloin, Filet, Rump and T-Bone, all hung for different periods of time as well as a few cuts of slightly more unusual meat such as Ox.

Dinner the following evening was decided. Fast forward 24hrs and having been shown to our seats that looked out over the setting sun we were presented with the menu which was largely  waste of time seeing as we had more or less made our choices the previous evening.


A slightly theatrical opening of a bottle of Moet table side made for a giggle as the cork flew out the top of the bottle, before landing a good 50yards away on the other side of a path below where we were eating. Lots of bubbles followed out of the bottle, two glasses eventually being poured in time for a small toast as the sun went down.


For starters we both opted for the BBQ Chicken Wings and a side of Mozzarella and Tomato Garlic bread. Whilst we knew there wouldn’t be much meat on the wings (which was half the thought in ordering them so we didn’t fill up before the main event) there wasn’t as much meat on the wings as either of  us were expecting, this ensuring there was no way we’d be full before the steaks arrived.


No sooner had the empty plates from the starters been taken away, mains arrived. Normally, had a course come out so quickly after a previous one, alarm bells would start ringing, however given it was Steak and how we’d asked them to be cooked, it didn’t seem like an issue. Any, even, minuscule doubt I had faded the second the knife fell through the Steak to reveal beautifully pink, juicy meat cooked to absolute perfection. It went from good to great the moment the meat just fell apart in my mouth. Accompanied by a bowl of Chips, these too were cooked to perfection and expertly seasoned, a slight crunch giving way to a fluffy centre, all this washed down with pint of local beer made the entire course a pleasure from start to finish.

Thankfully, a good few minutes passed before we were presented with the dessert menu and then a another short while before the waiter came back to take our order. Usually the wait may have been a little annoying, but considering the amount of fizzy beverages we had consumed during the evening we were grateful.

Not being able to turn down chocolate even in scorching weather, I couldn’t resist ‘Death by Chocolate’. In case you were wondering it consists of a chocolate cake with a chocolate filling and chocolate icing, covered in chocolate sauce accompanied by a scoop of, yes you guessed it, chocolate ice cream. My partner, despite her love for chocolate couldn’t quite escape the Apple Pie and Custard so settled on that. The chocolate cake was just as could be expected.  A moist cake, covered in chocolate and just when you couldn’t get any more chocolate, that’s what you got. Judging by how rapidly my other half’s bowl was emptied the Apple Pie wasn’t bad either.

I’m the first one to admit that when I eat out, there are times the bill arrives and I find myself questioning the amount due. Not because there’s been a mistake but because all things considered, the food, service and general atmosphere is it really worth it? With La Brasserie however, I feel  like I should have paid more. €100 and a few cents for a 3 course meal each, champagne, beer, wine and cocktails plus the view of the beach, the setting on the horizon and the friendly attentive service made for one of the best meals I’ve had outside of the United Kingdom.


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